On-Site Crematory

Affiliated Crematory

Affiliated Crematory

Owned & Operated by Phillips-Robinson Funeral Home

Our private crematory located at our East Nashville funeral home gives those selecting cremation the assurance that their loved one will never leave our care. We hold ourselves to a very high Code of Ethics that will put your family at ease during this time of loss. Even though other funeral homes and "store-front" providers offer "cremation services", many families are surprised to learn that the actual cremation process is oftentimes handled by a third-party crematory provider. We offer the peace of mind that every aspect of your loved one's care, including the actual cremation, are under our direction.

Once you have chosen cremation, it is important to know all the options available to you and your family. We offer.a wide range of cremation services and prices.  For those choosing cremation there are several options available, such as immediate/direct cremation... cremation with visitation and/or memorial service at our facilities or location of your choice... or a "traditional" cremation with public viewing/visitation and/or funeral service. Please contact us with any questions or to explain these options further. Our experienced staff can guide you through the entire process.

Our crematory also provides an adjacent viewing/witnessing room. This large and tastefully decorated facility provides a peaceful area (with a private entrance) for families to have a final viewing before cremation and for those desiring, the available viewing window also provides the ability to "witness" as their loved one is actually placed in the cremation chamber. These services and facilities are provided at no additional cost for those choosing our Direct Cremation or Traditional Cremation services. (PLEASE NOTE: Not available for those choosing online cremation arrangements.)

Phillips-Robinson Funeral Home and staff are available day and night to answer any funeral and cremation service needs at 615-262-3312.