At Phillips-Robinson Funeral Home, We think our Code of Ethics will help you and your family during your time of loss.  We own and operate our own crematory and we guarantee the integrity of every cremation we conduct.  As a family-owned operation, we bring a high level of care and compassion to our work.

We value your trust, which is why our general price list and cremation authorization form is accessible to you throughout the planning and cremation process. We believe that it is your right to understand each step of the cremation process.

Our cremation facility is onsite so your loved one never leaves our care. We provide only the best service available for your family’s loved one. We follow strict operating procedures that go above and beyond the legal requirements set by the state of Tennessee.

Correct identification is the most important part of the cremation process and we take every step to ensure the correct identification of your loved one’s remains all the way to interment.  No steps are taken without your express permission. Your signature is required for each step of the cremation process.